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Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: A Cold Dark Place by HD Hatcher

Meet Author HD Hatcher
A Cold Dark Place
One Too Many

On a chance meeting, (at a mutual friend’s house) Luke finds the love of his life. Andy is what Luke has been longing for all of his adult years: the perfect man. But, this perfect man is not only straight—he is married to a woman who is more devilish than Satan himself.

In a bittersweet journey that will change his life forever, Luke must reach deep inside and find the strength he never knew existed. A Cold Dark Place is the story of a man who must pick up the pieces of his broken heart after a lifetime of heartbreak and betrayal.

The Review

After reading this novel I completely understand the cover. Poor Luke is a wreck from start to finish. Luke spends his time lusting after a seemingly straight man who is married to one of the rudest, non-caring, and self-absorbed women I have ever come across. Andy is merely her footstool and she only wants him to keep him miserable.

HD does such a great job telling his story through the eyes of Luke that you forget this is about a gay man wanting what is deemed taboo. You see him as you would any other male seeking love going through the motions of love found, love lost, and looking. 

This story broaches on some thought provoking topics all the while with a humorous undertone. I laughed out loud at the internet dating. If you have ever tried it yourself you will completely understand.
A Cold Dark Place has an excellent storyline and great characters which had me glued from start to finish. I would highly recommend this book along with his short, One Too Many.

4.5 Gold Stars
The Golden Pen

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