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Friday, August 12, 2011

Review Can You Keep a Secret? by Omegia Keeys

Monica has it all, a handsome entrepreneur for a husband, two adorable children, a big house in the suburbs, and a career as the Human Resources Manager at one of the largest insurance firms. Even in a tough economy, Monica lives the American dream. Then, one day, she comes home early from a business trip and finds out her husband is sleeping with another woman. After years of standing in her husband's shadow, Monica uses his betrayal to jumpstart the life she always yearned for.

In the hunt to find herself, Monica starts dating men on adult dating websites and working as an online cam girl. The excitement and allure of her new-found freedom has her living a double life. She is a career woman by day and vixen in her nightlife. Will Monica be able to keep her secret? Or, will her two worlds collide to bring her secret to life?

 Author Omegia Keeys

 The Review
Can You Keep a Secret? Author Omegia Keeys surely couldn’t for she wrote this sultry novel but her character surely does a pretty good job of it for a while. Yes, Monica finds out her husband is cheating and one would expect the typical man bashing to ensue. This is hardly the case in between these pages. Monica instead uses it as a way to find out who she really is and that woman is strong, independent, and an undercover freak. 

By writing in first person, Omegia, chose a great way to pull the reader into the story. You were right there along with Monica feeling what she felt along with knowing her thoughts. Some were quite hilarious. Along with Monica you got to meet her supporting characters: the ex-husband Jamal, her sassy sister, and of course the new men in her life. Through her interactions you see Monica transition from the overlooked Plain Jane to the beautiful swan.

Now on to the spiciness, this is Erotica after all, but far from the wam bam thank you mam. Each scene has a purpose and helps to make the story. I personally would lean more to labeling this novel mainstream if it were not for the very detailed sex scenes which I had to take a break from reading to cool off. 

If you are looking for a well written novel with spice and that oh so naughty yet nice, then Can You Keep a Secret? Is definitely for you. I would recommend reading to your significant other or if single turn on the slow music and have a glass of wine. This is not for the prude. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

5 Golden Stars
The Golden Pen

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