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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Featured Author: Omegia Keeys

Okay, Omegia, before I get into what you are doing these days I had to bring up this blog post I found from last year.

How did you come up with your main character?

I came up with my main character by stepping outside myself and creating an alter ego....What? So you are claiming to be me now? Alter Ego my behind! This is Erika, for those of you all who don't know me I am who she based her first two books on. Do not let Omegia Keeys fool you. She wishes she could be me. I am a woman that every man desires, I have my own internet business, and now I just opened up my own club. Omegia on the other hand, sits in a freaking office wearing that US Army uniform. As a matter of fact her hair is pulled up in a bun each day! You know she stole my life story and had the nerve to write about it calling the first one Passionate Playmates and the second Seduction.com. From what I heard she has another one set to release at the end of this month, Can You Keep a Secret? Well I have a secret for her and I am telling it.

Omegia brought her sneaky behind up to my club Passionate Playmates a few years back and started taking notes. I saw her watching me, how I move, how I talk, and even how I pull in all my customers. She is so sneaky she somehow figured out what I do in my own home! I mean how the heck does she know I have private rooms in my house and the names of my security guards....

Look, Erika, be quiet and let me finish this. Sorry about that. Erika gets a bit beside herself sometimes and thinks she runs everything. As I was saying Erika aka Ecstasy is like my alter ego. She is that sassy part of me that comes out on paper. When I start writing she just takes over and my story seems to just flow. When I first start a story I already know the basic concept along with the beginning and end. I just need to fill in the gaps.

My advice for character development is to turn yourself into your character and let them take over. I am an erotic fiction writer so almost anything goes. It's a way of freeing myself on paper.

Speaking of freeing...my time is not free. Omegia, hurry up. You are costing me money! You know my girls start act crazy when I am not keeping a close eye on them. Hurry up and finish this.

Okay, once again I apologize for that. It has been my pleasure. As always keep writing!

The Golden Pen again.  I love this blog post. Great way of giving us a feel for your character. Now please tell me Erika is not gone. I know you are working on new projects and had a few releases since Seduction.com. Can You Keep a Secret? Does mention our heroin but she is more in the background. What made you switch?

Omegia: I can’t believe you dug that up…lol. Well, to be honest she (Erika) finally let me. Erika had taken up a few years of my life and finally has been kind enough to allow the other stories inside to come out, including my own. For those who enjoy YA, The Baby Girl, is a great read for those teenagers dealing with peer pressure and their local environment. I used the pen name Key Rollins for this one so my spicy readers will not be confused, nor will my young ladies pick up the adult content by mistake. I also contributed to an Anthology by The Author Project, Unloved.

Right now I finishing up edits on Rise and Fall of a Track Star. This is my memoirs from elementary to my college years. I am hitting the dark secrets we (as an African American community) tend to ignore and brush under the rug. I really can’t go further into detail as some of the content of my life may shock some of those who think they know me. 

But, to answer your question, Erika is never too far. She wants me to focus more on her girls once I am finished with Rise and Fall of a Track Star. She understands the importance of this book.

Golden Pen: Wow so Erika can step back from being the boss? That is great to hear. I also find it very impressive that you can switch genera’s and still have the same success. My pens up to you. What made you switch to YA for The Baby Girl? And why the memoir now?

Omegia: The Baby Girl is close to my heart. It is loosely based off a portion of my childhood. I grew up with drug dealing brothers and not once did my mother let us live the lavish live because of it. My mother kept me well grounded, but I was still affected by their dealings as well as the normal life of a teenage girl coming into her own. For Rise and Fall of a Track Star me gut told me it was time. It was more of me letting out things I have been holding in for far too long. I needed to free myself and in the process I hope to help others. I want girls and women to know they are not alone and what they went through is not their shame.

Golden Pen: Interesting. Funny how even though we write fiction it still has a lot of truth to it. I can’t wait see what’s in store for us with your nonfiction piece. Hopefully I will have the pleasure of a review, hint, hint.

Omegia: It would be my pleasure.

Golden Pen: Okay, Omegia, thank  you for giving me a few moments or your time. Do you have anything to say to your readers or fellow authors?

Omegia: GP thank you for having me once again. For readers I will say keep reading and try something new, you just might like it. To my fellow authors, write whatever is on your heart to write. Just make sure you get it edited before sharing it with the world.

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  1. Great review I recommended all your books to my friends, family and people I didn't know that ased me what am I reading.

  2. Oh boy, another author for my TBR pile! I'm building up a massive pile! Thanks for the interview.