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Monday, May 30, 2011

Running Towards Creativity

As writers most of us have that one thing that jumpstarts our creativity, mine happens to be working out. Running to be exact. By my house there is this beautiful long trail stretching from one end of the city to the next. Now, by no means am I able to run the entire trail. I generally average about 2-3 miles per trip. But, during that time my mind is free of all the daily drama which in turn allows my creative side to manifest.

This very morning I came up with a way to conclude the novel I am working on. The answer came to me as if I simply hit the Staples Easy Button, or if it was something I should have known all along. In essence it was there all along but buried by all of my other less creative thoughts. What’s for dinner? How are my children performing in school? Did I remember to pay the light bill? Well you get the point. 

Now I understand everyone can’t get out and run, but we all must find a little me time. Without the me time our brains will find it hard to stop processing our daily stressors and relax enough for the real us to shine through. So remember no matter how busy your day is take some time for you and let that creativity run through.

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  1. You are so correct. It is hard to tune out all of the noise that is going on around you. I do not run but I sure need to. I simply sit in the middle of my couch, close my eyes, meditate, and do some breathing exercises to get my creative juices flowing. It is different for everyone but letting too much noise in can take away from what your writing.