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Friday, June 3, 2011

Darkness is Coming, Interview With Kane

Aleron must cope with a timeless existence, seeing those he loves suffer the fate of mortality, while he remains cursed with eternal life. What if your immortal origin as well as others of your kind were hidden from you by the one you loved most; the one who gave you into a life of darkness and a lust for the sweetest nectar? These dilemmas and more face Aleron, but he must first learn to live, to survive, and most of all, to feed.

Seduced by the alluring vampire Mynea, Aleron learns what it truly means to be immortal as he adapts to his new life and new insatiable lust. She is teaching him to give her what her maker never has. She desires a new king and a new coven. Hearts, minds, and vampire souls intertwine as long kept secrets crawl out from the grave, refusing to remain buried beneath earth and lies. A blood kiss between them reveals a darker and even deadlier soul that has learned of Aleron’s blasphemous existence. Vlad is the beginning, the father of them all. Mynea must not let her young prince learn of her ancient king. Can a vampire truly love and trust another of his kind when their very lives depend on skillful deceit? 

Walking a thin line between life and death, Aleron is certain of one thing, if love is, then blood is.

Aleron is available in paperback, hardback, and ebook

1.  What inspires you as a writer?
Kane: What has inspired me most is my insistent new immortal friend. You know, how do you deny a vampire? Aleron is very insistent, not that he needed to be. The story of the Strigoi is a fascinating one. Tales I would gladly tell until I can no longer write. Anne Rice and Bram Stoker are my favorite authors. Bran Stoker brought the modern day vampire into being while Anne Rice offered a window into the lives of immortals in an elegantly seductive way. Perfection is her book Memnock The Devil. I think I will read it again tonight.
2.  When did you have that ah ha moment when you knew you were a writer?
Kane: When I was in Jr. high, the English teacher would always give us these writing assignments that everyone hated. Everyone besides me. I began writing plays which included many students in the class. The teacher began letting the students act out my plays and it became our monthly tradition. I realized I had a knack for entertaining people through the written word. I haven’t stopped since.
3.  What is your writing process?
Kane:I have an uncanny knack for realism in my writing. So I often want to experience what I am writing about first hand. That is why I decided to dive into the history of the undead beginning where the legend of Vlad originated, Romania. Once I’ve gathered the necessary research and details about the setting, I spend more time getting to know my characters. Often times, I imitate them when interacting with others. This really allows me to know my characters, and thus able to write effectively about them so my audience gets to know and understand them. Typically I write at night and don’t sleep until the morning. No phones are ringing. No one is awake, accept those who I write about; however they typically don’t bother me as long as I keep my promise. And so far I have.

4.  Tell us about your favorite character and why you chose to write about them?
Kane:   My favorite character of the book ‘Aleron’ is indeed Aleron. Taken from all that he knows to be, and thrust into a world where his dreams and desires become his reality and what was once real is called into question. Aleron embodies everything we want in a hero. He goes through a life changing transformation and still adjusts to his new found lust while maintaining his humanity. Aleron lives to love and loves to live, thus he takes us on a journey through his eyes and thoughts that we will never be able to forget. I love Aleron for his intelligence, strength, and exacting ways. He is a humane demon, if there ever was such a being.
5.  What are you currently working on?
Kane:   Of course I can’t leave fans hanging for long, so I am diving deeper into Mynea and Vlad’s tale which will be revealed in Book 2 of the Strigoi Series. I am also working on The Nephilim Project which is a fantastical tale about the beauty and evil when God’s True Sons (Angles) embrace the sensuality of the daughters of humankind as well as the division that occurred in Heaven through Satan’s challenge. Nephilim is guaranteed to quench that romantic and supernatural thirst of yours. And in the not so distant future, you can expect to see our hero Aleron on the BIG Screen!
6.  Any upcoming events?
Kane:   There will be some publicized book signings and release parties scheduled in most major cities in the US and some abroad. We are also shooting a mini documentary in Bucharest Romania beginning May 24-May 29, where we will feature many places described in the book. This will surely wet your pallet. Say tuned for the latest news at www.aleron.co
7.  If you could be anyone you like, who would you be?
Kane:   Very loaded question. I would be Adam, the first man, the father of us all. Hence the battle between good and evil would have ended in Eden.
8.  Do you have any advice for new writers and something that a seasoned vet can learn?
Kane:   Absolutely. Write was is important and interesting to you. If someone doesn’t like it, so what. You do, and that’s why we are here. Also, be sure to keep reading whether the work is good or not so good, for all of it will make you a better writer. Of course, as you continue to write, be sure to reward yourself along the way, with whatever makes you happy, or tipsy.
9.   Where can your followers find you?
 Kane:   Aleron and I can be found on Twitter (Aleron11), FaceBook (Aleron Kane), www.aleron.co, and Authors Den (Kane A.) or simply email at aleron@aleron.co.

10.              Any last words? 
Kane:   Yes. Thank you for having me over and drugging me in order for me to tell you all of my secrets! Just kidding. I really appreciate the time we spent together and I pledge to keep giving my readers exactly what they want.

Thank you so much for stopping by Kane! Looking forward to hearing more about this Aleron. Guests please check out both trailers. 

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