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Monday, June 25, 2012

Adventure on the High Seas: Pirates Revenge Review

The tropical paradise known as the Caribbean was anything but peaceful when settled by the nations of Europe. Perhaps the most destructive and brutal terror was inflicted not by navies or armies, but by the ships plying the waters manned by pirates. Rafe Alexander fled England at an early age to join the pirate crew of the Cutlass, and soon learned of the brutal harm his mother endured at the hands of Ramirez, his own father he had never known.

Joining the fleet of the Black Widow, queen of the largest pirate fleet to ever sail, he vowed to exact his revenge. But the Black Widow was also driven by the need for vengeance against Ramirez, and she and Rafe plotted their revenge even as their fiery passion consumed them. Together, they would become the most feared and powerful force the Caribbean would ever see. 

Is revenge truly enough to sustain an empty heart? Can love replace it and soothe the burning of the soul? As events would move Rafe towards the explosive confrontation, he would find out...and his world would be turned upside down.


Move over Captain Jack Sparrow there’s a new Captain in town and the names Rafe. Douglas Boren has outdone himself with his tail amongst the high seas. This book is full of action and adventure along with a gritty reminder that we are reading about pirates and they aren’t always the most civil of people.  Along with looting there’s brutality mixed in with a bit of romance. 

Rafe’s mother is dealt a bad hand when she set to work for the privileged.  For her reward she’s raped and in comes Rafe. His passion for revenge coupled with that of the Black Widow makes for enthralling tale of vengeance.  However after years of seeking revenge one can see how it grows tiresome and some have a change of heart. 

The author has done a great job of capturing some of the true history of pirates. His writing clearly displays the research he underwent. Never have I been this excited over history. I found myself holding my breath as my eyes explored the battle scenes. Pirates Revenge is an excellent action packed read in which I highly recommend to all readers young and old. 

4.5 Golden Stars

This book was provided for reviewing purposes. 

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