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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Message Review

I came to this time through a time hole and I'm told I'm always in the present. That's what the Yar Sirray said. She also said the time holes were destroying the Yars' lives, that their world was plagued by them. They escaped and came here. People in this time on Earth accept the Yars as companions, but I don't trust them. It's something about their flat black eyes and sandy, scaly skin. Their answers to my questions are half-truths
I can tell. The people in this time have the message, so they say. It makes them happy, peaceful, all similar. They don't know how it started. All they know is how it's transmitted - through bodily fluids. A simple kiss can do it. Azja seems different to me. He's not as confident, not as limited. I want to go home, away from the people and Yars with the message. I want to go back into the past, to my time in the twentieth century. I think I found someone who can help me, Leatherwood, but he seems to have plans of his own. Azja's not the only one who stands out from the others. Something about the message doesn't seem right, but I can't figure out what it is. I need to leave this world before I give in to my desire for Azja. I can never so much as kiss him or I will be infected too, and I don't want that. Not right now, not with what I am discovering about the Yars.

Golden Pen:
Let me start of by saying my imagination is very vivid so the thought of the Yars creeped me out, but they along with the main character are what kept me going. I simply had to know what the heck these creatures were up too. I say creatures because it's debatable if they are aliens or not.

Jen is right to be suspicious, after all she is transported into the Twilight Zone of a future. A future so peaceful it would drive the normality out of anyone. In fact it reminded me of Judge Dred with Sylvester Stallone. The only thing missing was, "Be Well". However this peace came at a huge price and was spread through a kiss.

Lisa Rusczyk did an amazing job describing the city and transports. I could see myself there standing and watching as the people went about their daily business. I must commend her for this because many times I don't get a clear image of places described in sci-fi novels.

4 Gold Stars

Golden Pen

P.S. I would recommend this novel to anyone. You don't have to enjoy sci-fi to love this one.

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